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Faceted rutilated quartz with pink tourmaline

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If you want to have extraordinary piece of jewelry this faceted rutilated quartz with tourmaline is your excellent choice. Derived from the Latin word Rutilus meaning red, Rutilated quartz is also known as Venus-hair stone or angel hair. Rutiles are small needlelike crystals and they can be red, black or brassy yellow. They can be particularly effective for attracting love and stabilize relationships, moving things energetically and returning slowed chakras to normal spin and balance. Pink tourmaline stone is most associated with love and other matters of the heart, and is the purest of the heart chakra stones. It is a representative of the feminine or yin energies and is unsurpassed as a gemstone in healing old emotional wounds.

Produced by 'Marija's jewelry'. 

Weight: 0.2 oz (8 g)


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