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'Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don't think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.'- Bill Cunningham, New York Times street fashion photographer

Sale Larimar and tanzanite ring
Sale Opal doublet, blue topaz and tanzanite pendant
Sale Larimar necklace
Sale Baroque freshwater pearl earrings
Sale Ring with rainbow moonstone and london blue faceted topaz
Sale Pendant with baroque pearl and multi color faceted tourmaline
Sale Amethyst stalactite pendant
Sale Necklace with baroque pearl, garnet and small blue topaz
Sale Necklace with amethyst stalactite (big stone) and tanzanite
Sale Larimar necklace
Sale Opal doublet necklace
Sale Opal doublet necklace with sterling silver frame
Sale Necklace with large larimar stone, oval-blue topaz and kyanite
Sale Silver necklace with larimar (big stone) and blue topaz
Sale Silver necklace with rough herkimer diamond (big stone) with tanzanite stone
Sale Stunning multi color tourmaline, crystal, keishi pearl bracelet
Sale Large larimar with accent semiprecious stones - rainbow moonstone, kyanite, tanzanite, blue topaz, aquamarine
Sale Pendant with baroque freshwater pearl and two amethysts
Sale Amethyst necklace
Sale Raw turquoise and tanzanite necklace
Sale Faceted rutilated quartz with pink tourmaline
Sale Baroque freshwater pearl earrings
Sale Necklace with keshi pearl and raw aquamarine
Sale Sterling silver necklace with baroque freshwater pearl